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Company History and Mission Statement


2000 Foundation EcoEnergy Gesellschaft für Energie- und Umwelttechnik mbH by Reinhard and Kirsten Schu
2003 Relocation to our self-designed office building
2004 Erection of our NMT demonstration plant
2005 Operation of NMT demonstration plant on our premises
2006 Expert meeting and first public presentation of the NMT demonstration plant


EcoEnergy – the name says it all

Right from the start, the concept of Sustainable Development has been the main incentive for our work. Even though the term has been used ad nauseam lately, its meaning is still valid and has a fundamental impact on our future and the future of our descendants.

How we use our natural resources now and in future, will be of vital importance for our survival as a species. The most critical resources are energy, soil and water.

We work at the intersection between these resources, connecting energy and ecology as in our company name!




Good engineering surely is the basis of any technical project and we are proud of our work in this area. However, any project starts with project development and it is most important to establish the projected return on investment and the conditions for implementation before starting on detailed engineering. Project development naturally includes basic engineering as well as cost estimation to provide data for a business plan.

We feel committed to give our customers a reliable foundation for their decision on a project as soon as possible to keep down unnecessary costs.

Furthermore the waste market is influenced heavily by political and legal framework. Market conditions may change fast. Due to our extensive networking and our market knowledge we are able to give a sound prognosis on future market development and how it will affect the profitability of a project.

In engineering we focus on tailor-made and innovative solutions always with a view to economic efficiency and implementation.

Our activities in research and development are another important part of our work and are now mainly self-financed. In addition to our NMT demonstration plant we have got laboratory facilities and a workshop on our premises. Our numerous publications, patents and patent application document our research activities.






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